By Amanda Marie Heileman


Life would be so much easier if I had a resting bitch face.


But no, I had to be cursed with a resting nice face that makes people feel the urge to tell me all their problems. This awkwardness has led to many interesting situations, but that’s not half of it. My entire life is filled with awkward moments that I think the internet world would have a good laugh at. That’s why when I was assigned a blog project for this fall semester I knew exactly what to write about. This blog is an open account of some of the most interesting and awkward situations I have been in, and also awkward situations from people in the public spotlight.

Time for an introduction. My name is Amanda Marie Heileman. I feel like I should always write my middle name because it’s my grandmother’s name and I love my grandmama. Currently, I’m pursuing a degree in public relations at Texas State University, and I have no free time since I’m a busy bee with two jobs and and internship. I work at a smoothie shop to pay my bills, as a group fitness instructor for fun, and at an internship for real world experience. I drive a lovely, cherry-red scooter named Buddy, I have named all of my indoor plants, and I’m one of seven children.

Hopefully, this blog teaches people something about my, and other people’s, awkward moments and failures. One of the bigger topics I will be talking about are culture clashes, so I really hope by reading my blog the reader will understand where I’m coming from and spare the next person some pain. My audience will most likely be my peers and whoever I sucker into reading my blog, which will most likely be my mother. Love you, mom.