Why. Did. I. Post. This.

Jordan couldn’t understand how a baby could be black and white.

By Amanda Marie Heileman

A few months ago I decided to clean up my image online. I went through old and embarrassing Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram photos. Surprisingly, nothing was too crazy. Then I remembered Myspace. Myspace was my first social media platform. It’s where I first learned the joys of social media.

Looking through the hundreds of humiliating pictures on Myspace made me wonder what else was out there. What else had I posted when I was young and naive? This journey led me to my first and only blog post I made. I have since taken down the post because of the ridiculous number of grammar mistakes, but I feel that a great way to kick off my blog would be to talk about my first ever blog post.

It was my freshman year at Kingwood Park High School, and I was in my government class doing what I do best, eavesdropping on conversations. Griffin, a popular football player, and Jordan, a skinny choir guy, were having a conversation about cars.

Griffin: Do you drive.

Jordan: I have my license, but no car. Did you want to carpool to the game?

Griffin: Of course! I drive my—

Jordan: Oh yea! You drive that old Beetle!

Griffin: Excuse me, my baby is a 1966 restored classic.

Me: That’s your car? I was so excited. I had been obsessed with his car even though I didn’t know it was his car. I didn’t even care that I jumped into their conversation.

Griffin: Yes, that’s my car. He looked startled.

Me: Will you let me drive it?

Griffin: Nobody drives my baby.

Me: Well if I can’t drive it, can I have it?

Griffin: Nope. Only my future wife will be able to drive it.

Me: Well obviously we need to get married.

Jordan: He looked puzzled. That would be weird.

Me: Why would that be weird?

Jordan: Well your babies would be light and dark.

And that’s where my blog post ended. I don’t remember what Jordan said next but I will always remember how he made me feel. I felt dirty, confused, and I had no idea how to explain to him how ignorant he was being. Jordan probably doesn’t even remember that moment. He was just some kid in high school that didn’t know. Don’t be a Jordan. Don’t put others in such an awkward situation. Educate yourself on different cultures, meet new people, and ask the awkward questions so you can understand the other person even a little bit.