By Amanda Marie Heileman

A couple days ago I told my coworkers at the smoothie shop that I was going to write a post amanda-heilemanabout Buddy. Lizzie said “You know, for the first two months I was really confused every time you talked about Buddy. I was like–Who is Buddy? And why is she always riding him?”

What can I say? I’m awkwardly obsessed with him. Buddy and I have been through so much together. We’ve been egged while we were driving, we’ve been side-swiped by a huge, red SUV, I’ve scratched him up by accidentally slipping in a grease puddle, my family abused him when I was living in Seattle for a year (although they won’t admit to it), people have tipped him over when I’ve left him in parking lots, cars try to run us over all the time and just recently it seems like someone deflated his back tire.

Buddy is my scooter. We started our relationship on October 12, 2012 and it’s been the longest and most faithful relationship I’ve ever had. During high school I needed a way to get from work to my two jobs, and since my mom wasn’t able to help me buy a car, I bought what I could afford. I went to my local scooter dealer with a particular scooter in mind. But then I saw the cutest, cherry-red 125cc  beauty–and all I can say is that it was love at first sight.

He’s a Genuine Buddy.


No, seriously though. That’s his make and model name. Have you ever heard of something so cute? I do have to give props to the geniuses that created his name – y’all are awesome. And me, being the creative person I am, well I named Buddy, Buddy. As you can tell, I am very fond of Buddy and I’d prefer no to lose him. So here’s my little spiel on how you can save both our lives–are you ready?

  1. Look both ways when you cross the street! Buddy and I are small, and it’s easy to miss us when you’re thinking about looking for a car-sized-object.
  2. Completely stop at stop signs. This is where drivers try to kill us at least once a day. First, they don’t see us, and since they are rolling through the stop sign they don’t have time to stop and try to run us over.
  3. I know we’re small, but give us space. Do not get angry if I take a turn slower than you’d like, do NOT drive over the line, and DO NOT RIDE MY ASS!

I know these thing sound trivial, and you’re probably thinking to yourself “I never do those things!” but just keep those reminders in the back of your head and never forget them. Because that one time that you do, that one time you make a split second and simple mistake, you could severely injure me and Buddy. And come on, look at him. He’s too cute to get hurt.