“What is wrong with you?” and “I feel physical pain,” were a few of the responses my sister gave me when I started playing Christmas music on Thanksgiving.  I love the feeling of Christmas so much that this year will be my fifth year working at the cutest and kindest toy and candy store I’ve ever laid eyes on. 73c7a43b9e70ff783faaeec85984b660

I love the fact people are more generous during the holidays, I mean, I wish people were giving 365 days of the year but I’ll take what I can get. I love that cheesy romantic and feel good movies are always playing and it’s almost expected that you watch them. I love that calories don’t count during the holidays (if you don’t believe me read this article) and I absolutely love that it’s socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music and wear tacky holiday sweaters again.

I know that’s a lot of loves, but my loves are genuine. Christmas is the holiday that matches my personality the best. I mean, I wish I could donate money and give people gifts year round, but I’m a broke college students with loans. So to all you Grinches and Scrooges out there–try to understand, and maybe even appreciate, why we Christmas lovers love Christmas so much.

Who knows, you may just end up like my sister who was caught humming Christmas songs by the end of the Thanksgiving break. Sure she cursed at me when she realized what she was doing, but she did it all with a festive smile.

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