I know I said that my last blog post was going to be my last blog post. Well, I lied. Not intentionally though, it was the truth when I said it, I just ended up changing my mind. Does that still make it a lie? I just kept thinking about how much I missed writing to my subscribers (you all are few in numbers but strong in support and I appreciate you), and I realized that just because the class I was writing my blog for was completed, it didn’t mean I needed to stop blogging.

I oddly enjoy writing. I enjoy being able to talk about my experiences and observations in a way that’s funny (well I think it’s funny, but it helpprobably isn’t because I have a stupid sense of humor), and I enjoy telling a story that might help you understand something you didn’t think about before. So to everyone out there that I disappointed by “ending” by blog, I sincerely apologize and I hope you’ll forgive me.

Now, let’s jump right in! School starts in a week and my anxiety level is through the roof. I’ve had two anxiety attacks just thinking about school starting, I know that’s ridiculous but I’m a crazy worrywart. I got a new job writing for the Lifestyle section of my college newspaper, which now means I have three jobs and an internship. I’m also planning two, yes two, trips overseas this summer on a budget so small it’s borderline pitiful. Actually it is pitiful. No borderline needed.

That’s what’s new with me! I would love for you to help a sister and tell me what you want to hear about. Choose an answer or write in your own answer the the poll. Thank you guys!